by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford elaborated on incident in which he caught a reporter snooping around his home – which led the mayor insinuate the man was a pedophile for trying to peep on his children – in his weekly radio appearance on The Junkies in Washington, D.C.

The reporter, who’s fighting an internal battle over whether he should file a defamation of character lawsuit against the mayor, claimed he was investigating an adjacent property to Ford’s for an unrelated story.

Here’s a more detailed account of what happened, according to The National Post.

“The incident happened Wednesday evening, shortly before 8 p.m. The reporter, Daniel Dale, says he was in the neighbourhood for a story about a parcel of land adjacent to the Mayor’s house that Mr. Ford wants to purchase from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. The Mayor says he was helping his daughter Stephanie with her homework when his neighbour knocked on his front door and told him “there is somebody in your backyard, taking pictures,” and that the person was perched on cinder blocks peering in. Mr. Ford walked around his house and said he caught a man, anywhere from two feet to five metres away from his fence, on the outside.”

“Reporters from Canada are hitting me up saying ‘You gotta ask him. The mayor may have insinuated somebody was a pedophile or something.’ What’s going on there,” Eric Bickel asked Ford.

“No, no, no, no,” Ford said. “They asked me. Media’s been pretty rough with me, and they said ‘What’s your worst experience?’ and I said I caught a reporter looking over my fence taking pictures, which I did, because my house backs onto a rivine, and my neighbor called me, said ‘Rob, there’s some guy behind your fence taking pictures.’ So I ran around the creek and I caught this guy up on cinderblocks taking pictures in my backyard, and I just absolutely lost it. I don’t want you to be, you have a problem, meet me at City Hall, we’ll discuss it, but don’t come sneaking around the back and start taking pictures in the backyard when I have young kids. That was the bottom line.”

“Now he’s pretty adamant though that he didn’t do that though right,” Bickel asked.

“Oh this happened in May,” Ford clarified. “He did it. He got caught because I got his phone, I got his camera, I had everything, and my neighbor was there. So he did it, the police came, no doubt about it, but now he’s saying that, well he wasn’t taking pictures. Well what are you doing in my backyard on cinderblocks looking over my fence? So, you know what I mean.”

“What does he say to that, Mayor” Bickel asked.

“He can’t say too much,” Ford answered. “This happened in May and the whole street came out and they couldn’t believe it, so it was quite the scene. And then everyone, if you look in the Toronto Star under Daniel Dale, you’ll hear about the whole episode. It was unbelievable. It’s unbelievable. Like you going home at night and your neighbor calls you and says there’s some guy in your backyard taking pictures, when you have young kids, that freaked me right out. I just lost it. So, anyways.”

Ford was on to make his weekly NFL picks as he did last week.

Below are Ford’s NFL Week 15 picks:

  • Denver (-10.5)
  • Atlanta (-6)
  • Chicago (+1)
  • Indy (+6)
  • Miami (+3)
  • Philly (-5)
  • Seattle (-7)
  • Tampa (+5.5)
  • Buffalo (-2)
  • KC (-5)
  • NYJ (+11)
  • Green Bay (+7)
  • Arizona (-3)
  • Stl (+6)
  • Pitt (+3)
  • Balt (+6)

Listen to the full interview with Rob Ford here.


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