by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – This day almost seemed inevitable.

With Mike Shanahan having allowed so many high-profile players become the target of public scrutiny during his 4-year tenure in Washington, it seemed a matter of time before those players would come back to haunt him once more, as soon as his coaching career took a nosedive.

Albert Haynesworth was one of those players, and has spoken out against Shanahan on and off since getting run out of Washington, but for some reason, his words to Dave Hooker of Tennessee Sports Radio seem to carry just a little more weight right now.

“What did you think when you heard Mike Shanahan bench RGIII,” Haynesworth was asked Thursday.

“I mean, it’s just, that’s the guy,” Haynesworth said. “That’s just what he does. I mean that’s who he is. He doesn’t want anyone to be bigger than him.”

“I guess everybody’s starting to really realize how Mike Shanahan really is,” Haynesworth went on to say. “I wasn’t lying or making up stuff when I was saying that stuff about Shanahan, I was just telling the truth, the truth about the things that went on behind closed doors that people didn’t really know about. It’s the things that you say and do. And I don’t do everything right but I definitely try telling the truth.”

Donovan McNabb was the second of those spurned former Redskins to unleash on Shanahan Thursday.

Now the host of “Under Center” with McNabb and Malone on NBC Sports Radio, McNabb took time out of his busy media schedule to echo Haynesworth’s thoughts, in an interview with 106.7 The Fan’s Lavar and Dukes.

“Donovan, did you hear [Hayneworth’s] comments about Mike Shanahan, where he said, ‘You think it was just me, I mean, look how he did Donovan, you see what’s going on with Robert Griffin,'” McNabb was asked. “He actually brought up your situation regards to what’s going on now. Did you hear those comments? Do you have a  response to those?”

“I sure did,” McNabb said. “And he was absolutely right. It’s very similar to what’s going on with Robert right now, although he’s trying to cover it up a little bit better because Robert is just going into his second season, and a franchise quarterback.

“With me, he was trying to figure out ways of trying to move into the direction he wanted to with the cardiovascular, the two-minute drill, whatever it may be, then he’d come back the next press conference and say ‘I didn’t mean that. What I was saying was we don’t really get to work in the two-minute drill,’ which is another lie. And it was just so much where I think now at this point, he understands that the next direction for the Washington Redskins is for them to move without him, and Robert will still be there.

“But what we’re seeing right now, is the fact that he wanted to put Kirk Cousins in there, because he felt better suited that he was ready to go to run that type of offense that Kyle Shanahan is used to running. Now we know through the offseason with Robert and his rehab, and while that was televised each and every time he was out there on the field – which was shocking to me because, for a franchise in the NFL, when you have an injured player, you want that injured player to focus more on his rehab, not so much on the marketing ability of trying to promote the team.

“And that’s part of the problem that I had early on was, how can you have your franchise quarterback who’s coming off a knee injury out there at OTAs and mini-camps, with the rest of the injured players on the other side of the field where the healthy players are practicing, but we’re not hearing about the other offensive or defensive players who are practicing? We’re focusing on the injured players. And to me it was more or less, we’re gonna ride the wave of making the playoffs, and thinking that next year will be the same, and we’ll come out the block and dominate the NFC East.”

Donovan continued to verbally lacerate Shanahan. You can listen to the full interview below.


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