WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is calling for an investigation into the federal health care website.

In a blog post Wednesday, Sebelius says she has asked Inspector General Dan Levinson to review the development of HealthCare.gov.

“We need a thorough review of the contractor performance and program management structure that resulted in the flawed launch of the website,” Sebelius wrote. “I am asking the Inspector General to review the acquisition process, overall program management, and contractor performance and payment issues related to the development and management of the HealthCare.gov website.”

Sebelius also announced that a CMS Chief Risk Officer will be appointed and updated and expand CMS employee training.

“The Chief Risk Officer’s first assignment will be to review risk management practices when it comes to IT acquisition and contracting, starting with identifying the risk factors that impeded the successful launch of the HealthCare.gov website,” Sebelius stated. “I will ask this individual to report back to me in 60 days with recommendations for strategies to mitigate risks in future large-scale, CMS contracting and IT acquisition projects.”

The Health and Human Services Department that over 39 million Americans have visited federal and state-run health care websites so far, and that 365,000 consumers have selected plans.

CBS News has previously reported that the Obama administration was warned that there were several issues to the Obamacare website prior to the Oct. 1 launch. Consumers trying to sign up constantly had the webpage crash on them and were unable to provide information or payment through the website.


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