by Chris Lingebach
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WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – No more than twenty minutes after noon, Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman took first- and second-string quarterback snaps during team drills in Ashburn on Wednesday.

Around that same time, Rob in Clinton was receiving a phone call from the Washington Redskins – which he let go to voicemail – to inform him he’d been moved off the season ticket waiting list.

Oh, that hallowed waiting list. Some wait all their lives for the chance to move off it, and into their very own seats at FedExField on Sundays.

And others wait just months.

“Over the summer with the whole ‘All in for Week One’ and everything down at Richmond, so I put my name on the waiting list,” Rob told 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny. “I figured, you know, this is a team that I could see doing well in the future, so I put my name on the list.”

“Today about twenty minutes ago I got a call from someone saying ‘This is such and such from the Redskins. I see you put your name on the waiting list and we want to talk to you about what packages we have available,’” Rob explained to the hosts, when they took his call at 1:05 p.m.

“I just feel like that this is just a slap in the face, them just saying, ‘Even though Robert Griffin’s not playing, we still want your money as security for next season,’” he bemoaned.

“Hey Rob, what did you tell, I mean, listen, somebody over in that office is just trying to do their job and they’re probably, I’m sure, told that you’ve got to burn up the phone lines and make your quota, otherwise you’ll get canned,” Danny consoled him. “It’s probably a terrible place to work, but what did you tell that person?”

“I actually didn’t take the call because I was on the phone with my brother, so they left a message for me,” he answered. “But I’m not even gonna call ‘em back because I just can’t see how they…”

“But you listened to the message, right,” Holden asked.

“Yes I did,” Rob said.

“And the message said, what” Holden asked.

“It said ‘This is such and such from the Washington Redskins,’” Rob recited the message. “’We’re going through our season ticket waiting list, and we see that you put your name down. Why don’t you give us a call back so we can go over the packages we have available?”

“And you did it this year,” Danny asked for clarification of when he joined the waiting list.

“Yea, I did it around August,” Rob said. “And from everybody I asked that has season tickets, they say that they’ve been waiting like three and four years.”

“Let me see, August, September, October, November, December … doesn’t sound like a 200-year waiting list to me,” Danny said.

“Yea, I’d call and I’d ask for Mike Shanahan and I’d just leave him a message,” Holden responded. “It’d just basically be all f-bombs and you’s. “

“Now in all sincerity, if Rob wanted to call them back, you could say ‘Hey, I saw $4 tickets on Stub Hub. I’d like those,’” wisecracked. “’I’d like a season tickets for four bucks apiece.”


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