by Chris Lingebach
Mike Shanahan walks off the field following an abysmal loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. (credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Mike Shanahan walks off the field following an abysmal loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. (credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Only fifty days remain in the 2013 regular season as the Redskins limp to the finish line.

With another day down, rumors continue to swirl of an epic showdown between owner and coach. Shanahan and Dan Snyder are believed to be firmly entrenched in a tug-of-war for the remaining $7 million on the coach’s contract.

Shanahan is to decide Wednesday whether he’ll bench Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the season, because of the number of sacks Griffin has taken. If he benches Griffin, Shanahan says he’ll ride out the rest of the season with Kirk Cousins as the starter.

The Post reports, citing a person with ties to the organization speaking on the condition of anonymity,  that Shanahan’s announcement about possibly benching Griffin appears to be an attempt to provoke Snyder to fire him. Per the report, Shanahan’s firing would result in him being paid out the remaining money on his deal.

An earlier report, which surfaced just hours before the Redskins were set to kick off against the Chiefs on Sunday, indicated Shanahan had wanted to quit in 2012, according to ESPN, and had all but made up his mind prior to the team’s playoff loss to the Seattle, but had a change of heart after witnessing Griffin’s ACL injury.

On Tuesday, Santana Moss told Lavar and Dukes that he hadn’t been made aware of that report until after the game – which would end 45-10 the Chiefs’ favor – and couldn’t nail down the source of it, and a string of others perceived to be damaging to the team, but he is certain, and clearly stated “it can’t be the players.”

“It was whispers or something going on,” Moss said of teammates before the game. “I have tunnel vision before the game, so I don’t really try to get into anything that’s not really going to help me out on the field, but right after the game was over, I couldn’t even get dressed before I seen the storm of reporters behind me ready to give me all the insight.”

Earlier in the interview,  Moss said he’d never experienced as much adversity on one team at any point in his nine seasons with the Redskins, or at any point in his career for that matter.

“To be honest with you, this is the ultimate highest that I can rank anything, because I’ve never been a part of anything to the point that, you know, you just see it ripping away,” Moss said. “Every moment you get, it’s more, it’s more, you know like, you’re able to deal with so much as a player, especially when it’s not containing you. So you kind brush a lot of things away but, when it’s like okay, I brushed that away, now you’re bringing back more.”

“I don’t watch, I don’t read, but when you have the internet and all this stuff, you can’t even go on the internet without something popping up: ‘Redskins,'” Moss went on to say. “And you have to read it. And you try to get away from it man, so it sucks to be a part of and it sucks that we all, even though your name or what you’re doing might not be a part of it, but it’s your team, and so we’re all a part of it. And you hate to walk around with that on you. ”

Listen below for the full audio.


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