by Chris Lingebach
Mike Shanahan (credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Mike Shanahan (credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – It should come as no surprise to most Redskins fans that Fred Smoot wants Mike Shanahan to be fired.

Smoot, who admittedly has an ax to grind with Shanahan – or the Red Lobster, as he’s come to call him – for handing him the pink slip that virtually ended his NFL career, hasn’t been clear on exactly who should take over coaching the Redskins, until now.

He voiced those opinions on the heels of the Redskins’ embarrassing 48-10 home loss to the Chiefs during his post-game show on 106.7 The Fan on Sunday.

Give Raheem Morris a chance, and maybe you can find a way to keep him on the staff.

“You get Bill Polian, GM,” Smoot said. “You go get Darrell Green, Assistant GM.”

“Really,” Kevin Shafer questioned.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes,” Smoot said. “It’s about time for us to be the organization we should be, and if we’re so storied, and if we’re so part of the history of the NFL, why ain’t none of the guys that’s part of our history, part of the front office? Darrell Green, Assistant GM. Alright?

“Then we go get Lovie Smith. Yes, I said Lovie Smith. You know why? Because he’s been to a Super Bowl and lost it, and them the guys that I want. And, everybody wants to say it’s an offensive league, go get an offensive coach, I don’t agree with you, because Belichick is a defensive coach.

“Last time I checked, the dude down the street, last name Harbaugh, was a special teams coach. Pete Carroll is a defensive coach. These are defensive coaches, and defensive coaches in the midst of an offensive league, they find ways to win because they can stop the other team from scoring.”

Asked by a caller in a later segment, as a former Redskin who played for countless coaches, to state how much he values continuity of a coaching staff, against what a coach has done in the time he’s had, Smoot said he factors in both.

“I always factor that in,” Smoot said. “Because I think that shortens your career when you have a lot of different head coaches and defensive coordinators and stuff like that, so I’m actually a guy that’s totally against it because I went through it, but I am also a guy that understands when it’s the wrong coach, it’s the wrong coach. I don’t understand how much continuity you got.”

Asked to clarify what makes Shanahan the wrong coach, Smoot answered, “Well I just think right now, the game has passed him by.”

“I think he has no imagination on offense, I think he’s not the true leader of this team, I don’t think the team will play for him,” Smoot said. “I think he’s just not a good fit right now for what the Redskins got going, we need somebody else in here. It’s no plus when I see Shanahan, when I see Shanahan, I see a former Super Bowl-winning head coach, in which the NFL rules and history tells you no coach ever goes to another team and wins a Super Bowl, so therefore I had already had him ex-ed out.

“But he proved to me, he wasn’t going to be consistent. I ain’t looking for nothing else from a coach. I’m not looking for a coach to come here and take us to a Super Bowl in two or three years, I’m looking for a coach to come here and bring back consistent winning. Once we start to win consistently, then we can start to ask for a Super Bowl, then we can expect the Super Bowl, but until we can win 10 games, 11 games, 12 games a year, we cannot compete, and continue to compete in this NFL.”

Asked if the relationship between Snyder and Shanahan was beyond the point of repair, Smoot said, “Oh yea. I think it’s hit boiling point.

“What all great owners do, they understand that a great quarterback is gonna take you to the promised land. So you take care of that guy, and we, as football players, we know, I know as a corner back, I’m not gonna get treated like the quarterback. I know that. Their relationship is totally different.

“But Shanahan has never been in a position where one player has more power than him. He can’t stand it. Well I’m sorry, Robert Griffin III has more power than you, brother. He do. Because if Dan has to pick between Shanahan or RGIII, I think it’s clear who he’s picking.‪”


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