LAS VEGAS (CBS DC) – Conservative websites like Breitbart are blasting Senator Reid’s defense of President Obama’s promise that those who liked their insurance plans could keep them.

The Majority Leader appeared on Las Vegas television station KSNV to talk about the problems that plagued the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

Reid was asked about the damage done when many Americans found they could not renew their current health insurance policies under Obamacare.

He said the president was not at fault.

“The problem is we did not put the bill into effect that way. There’s a lot of administrative kicked in. And there have been at least three changes in anyone’s policy since then,” he answered. “It’s not the same policy.”

Reid went on to say that effectively no American has the same policy as when the President made the initial promise, because policies are usually changed from year to year.

He also blamed insurance companies for canceling he plans in many cases.

Bloggers are asking why the law could not have made it easier to grandfather in existing health care plans.


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