WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Researchers have found a database with over two million stolen login credentials for popular sites including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo.

The security team at Trustwave’s Spider Labs revealed in a blog post that the database contained 1.58 million usernames and passwords.

The database had 320,000 stolen email account credentials, 318,121 Facebook account credentials, 21,708 Twitter accounts, 54,437 Google-based accounts, and 59,549 Yahoo accounts.  Remote desktop details, secure shells, and FTP accounts were apart of the remaining number of compromised accounts found in the database.

Ninety-seven percent of the stolen account credentials were from users in the Netherlands.  Less than 2,000 account credentials belonged to users in the United States.

The cyberattack was global since more than 90 countries were found on the list.

The Pony Botnet controller is the culprit of the attack in which version 1.9 of the botnet is a powerful spy and key logging type of malware that captures passwords and login credentials of infected users when they access applications and Internet sites.



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