by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Almost two year ago, Cakes told the funniest story he’s ever told on the Junkies; probably that anyone’s ever told on the Junkies.

All the ingredients were there, as he sat there at the Junkies’ live-remote broadcast from the B-Bar, explaining how just hours before, he had to walk through the lobby of the Borgata Casino because he’d gotten locked out of his room.

Oh, there’s one other thing: he was wearing nothing but his boxers.

After consulting CK for some of the more legendary moments in the show’s history [he reminded me of when Cakes got thrown out of his own appearance – something EB’s done as well – and of the time Cakes got drunk, crawled into the wrong bed (his daughter’s), then peed in it], this moment definitely has to be Top 3.

But the fact that he was able to tell it live in front of an audience of Junkies’ listeners, just feet from where it all went down, probably gives it the edge over all others.

Thankfully, someone was able to get it on camera (without laughing), so everyone can relive the moment forever, because I can remember being there thinking, ‘If I had a daughter, I’d be wetting her bed right now.’

Watch, nearly two years later, as Cakes masterfully rehashes how he got locked out of his room, walked down to the lobby (and across the casino floor) of the Borgata in his underwear, and was stopped by a perplexed security guard before being given a new key to his hotel room.

I’d sure hate to miss the next classic story. You can sign up for the JPO here, if you haven’t already.

(Shouts out to darchon5 for filming it. Thanks, darchon5.)

I’m gonna milk this Tweet for all it’s worth. Explanation here.


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