Just because your lawn is green, doesn’t mean that the practices to maintain it are. Hardcore Washington ecowarriors will tell you that lawns are actually invasive weeds that require a phenomenal amount of natural resources from water to fossil fuel-burning tools to keep them trimmed, not to mention the chemical pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides that people use. Here are some ways to make your DC landscaping a little greener.

American Plant

American Plant is the place to go to choose your own eco-friendly lawn care, plants and gardening needs. The staff is always friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Employees will help you choose the best native plants for your garden or tell you exactly what you need to plant. This shop only carries plants that will survive and thrive in the DC area, so you know you won’t use more resources than absolutely necessary. American Plant also carries a wide array of mulch, compost and organic fertilizer to help your plants grow in a way that is natural and sustainable.

Bay Country Lawns

Let’s face it, lawns can be difficult to maintain between pests and inconsistent weather patterns. Having someone take care of pest control, fertilizer and disease control can be a necessity. Bay Country Lawns is aptly named for its commitment to the environment and Chesapeake Bay watershed. All of its practices are sanctioned by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Offering organic and natural lawn care, it also specializes in integrated pest management for shrubs and trees, which allows for pest control without the need for a mass spraying.

Green Harmony Design

Green Harmony Design will enhance your landscaping to make your neighbors turn green with envy. Sustainable design is this company’s passion and it incorporates it into everything it does. From turning your yard into a wildlife habitat to creating an edible garden, everything these experts do is natural, organic and cutting edge using ecological native plants. Green Harmony does more than just design, it also offers landscape construction and maintenance as well.

Natural Resources Design

Whether your planning a large landscaping project or just looking to plant more sustainable trees, shrubs and flowers, Natural Resources Design provides consultations and analysis. Located in Takoma Park, this consulting firm will work with you on your project to ensure you’ve cultivated an ecological oasis. It also offers lectures on gardening with native plants, creating shade with your garden or a wildlife habitat or ways of planting to control erosion of the soil you have. 

Solar Mowing

Gas-powered mowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and other yard care tools can be noisy and polluting during a time of year when most people want to enjoy the outdoors with open windows and doors. That’s where Solar Mowing comes in. With an annual agreement that includes a weekly mowing, edge trim and driveway clearing, you can have the peace of mind that you’ll have a beautiful lawn while not contributing to burning fossil fuels.

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Jamie Hardin is the counter-culture
Washingtonian in the know. Inspired by food, sustainability issues, and public health, she prides herself on finding DC’s off-the-beaten path treasures. When she isnt enjoying organic food or reducing her carbon footprint, Jamie’s traveling on her scooter or walking her two pit bulls. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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