by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As the Redskins’ playoff potential continues to slip away, at 3-8, many have taken the opportunity lump blame on quarterback Robert Griffin III, who hasn’t performed nearly at the level he did in his Rookie of the Year season.

Ravens’ defensive end Chris Canty is the latest to join the pile, turning a guest appearance on CBS’ That Other Pregame Show into a plea to the Redskins; saying the organization should consider benching RGIII for the rest of the season.

[Via T.O.P.S. on CBS]

“I see a sitting duck,” Canty said on Sunday. “I know it’s Thanksgiving and we’re all about turkey, but I see a sitting duck.”

“Essentially, his game is predicated on being able to get away from defenders and separate; being able to get on the edge and make plays with his legs,” he said. “He can’t do that right now. The best option for the Washington Redskins is to shut him down for the rest of the season.”

Griffin’s knee has been the subject of tremendous speculation all season long, with inquiring minds curious as to how healthy his knee really has been coming off ACL surgery in the offseason.

As Griffin and the Redskins continue to struggle to regain 2012 form, that speculation has ramped up again, with Redskins’ opponents even saying he shouldn’t be on the field, as San Francisco’s Ahmad Brooks did shortly after the 49ers dispensed with Washington, 27-6.

“He’s the future of your franchise,” Canty went on to say. “Everybody understands that. But they need to move forward with the rest of the season with Kirk Cousins.”

Stephen Strasburg, anyone?


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