by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach
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WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – What began as a man realizing himself as a hollowed-out shell, broken, and abandoned by all his friends, transformed into a journey of self-discovery; a passage which, from the outside, may have appeared as the forging of a new allegiance; but in reality, revealed a friendship lurking beneath the surface all along.

“It just dawned on me. [Cakes] doesn’t really have any other friends,” EB said on the Junkies Wednesday.

“His brother in-law,” JP grasped.

“Steve?” Lurch asked.

“You know what? He doesn’t really have any other friends?” EB noted.

“You know what? He’s a family guy,” Lurch said.

“This is weird. It might be Chris Farley from Pacers!” Cakes self-joaned.

Enter Brooks Laich of the Washington Capitals.

“Earlier in the show, EB called [Cakes] out and said he didn’t’ have any buddies,” JP said. “What’d you say EB?”

“Well I mean, I can’t remember why it was,” EB denied any wrongdoing.

“JP, you know Cakesy’s my boy,” Brooks said. “You guys are all my friends.”

He added a ‘y’ on the end. That’s how you know it’s serious.

“There you go!” JP said.

“I can count Brooks Laich!” Cakes rejoiced. “You’re my friend! Brooks Laich, Ram and Chris Farley from Pacers.”

“No, but look, now you can throw Brooks in there,” JP would go on to say. “Brooks has said publicly you’re a friend.”

“Count him as a friend,” Cakes acknowledged. “Friend time.”

“I can tweet it for you, Cakesy if you want.”


Something we can all be thankful for.

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