by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach
Brandon Meriweather. (credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Brandon Meriweather. (credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Lavar Arrington had been alluding to a verbal dispute he’d had with a current Redskin for some time, and until now, had either withheld the identity of the player, or had been slight with the details surrounding the incident, but unleashed on the player and the team’s PR staff on Wednesday.

Lavar finally connected the dots, allowing 106.7 The Fan co-host Chad Dukes to disclose the details of the incident that occurred at field-level between he and safety Brandon Meriweather, during Homecoming festivities in the Redskins’ Week 9 matchup against the Chargers at FedExField.

“Can I just tell people what happened, or no?” Dukes asked.

“Go ahead, Chad. You’ve been wanting to do it for so long, go ahead,” Lavar answered.

“Here’s what happened,” Dukes said. “Lavar went to the football game to be part of the 80 Redskins and the Homecoming stuff and all of that.”

“It wasn’t the 80 Redskins, it was Homecoming,” Lavar clarified.

“But it was a lot of you guys, right, that are included in that?” Chad said.

“Yea, it was like 300 guys,” Lavar said.

“But you’re part of that group,” Chad said.

“Sure,” Lavar said.

“And Lavar was standing on the field and rapping with some people, and Brandon Meriweather came dancing by and said something to the effect of, ‘You better keep my name out of your mouth, and then proceeded to walk away as you then inquired what the problem was and tried to have an adult conversation about it.”

“I was caught off-guard,” Lavar said. “I was actually about to dap him up, tell him to get his work on. Told me to keep his name out my mother-effing mouth, not just out my mouth.”

“And then you wanted to have the conversation, and he kept … ” Chad said.

“Like, what are you talking about?” Lavar said.

“He kept moving?” Chad said.

“He kept it moving,” Lavar said. “Like he was real tough on-the-go.”

“I let it go, I mean, I didn’t even want to have nothing to do with it,” he continued. “It’s been a little while since that’s happened. I could care less about talking about it, really. I just felt like disappointed that I’ve been sticking up for dudes, and I really don’t know these dudes, and I’ve been sticking up for ‘em, and that’s what happened.”

The two would go on to further explain how the confrontation appeared out of left field, while continuing to elaborate on how Arrington had recently defended Meriweather.

Arrington also addressed the Meriweather confrontation a few segments earlier, while at the time, not fully divulging every grainy detail.

He also lashed out against the organization for recurring PR headaches, which have seemingly resurfaced in the organization’s inability to properly instruct Robert Griffin III on how to clearly relay information to the media.

Below is how that portion of the rant unfolded:

“I just think there’s some piss-poor things that are going on,” Arrington said. “And to be paying attention to what we’re doing, when there’s so much more stuff to be done? Whack. It’s a loser mentality. Not to mention other things. Ridiculous.”

“I told you to call me,” he said. “Call me like a man. You on the field walking away, you call me. Ain’t an ounce of bitch in me. You call me.”

Arrington would continue railing against the organization, with regards to how information gets disseminated.

From this point forward, it becomes difficult to decipher whether he was still addressing Meriweather, or the organization’s PR staff, although it would appear most of the message was intended for the latter.

“You got a problem with something I said, and you listening that much where you want to be upset with me, call me,” Arrington said. “We can talk like men.”

“But you, ‘Ah, ah, I’m not doing anything.’ That’s some ho ‘S.’ Hos do that,” he went on. “A grown man. Grown man. Grown-ass man. Full-grown. Play no childish games, I don’t got no time to play no childish games. All these little childish games going on, with three wins. Grown men do grown man things, and maybe that’s why y’all at three wins. Worrying about what I got to say, worrying about a bit that Danny and Holden did, worrying about what Chad has to say. Please. It’s radio. It’s entertainment. What’s the substance there? Entertainment.

“You got a dude sitting here saying things that’s hurting his career, hurting his career, and y’all sitting there watching, watching it take place. And then what you’ll say after it all takes place? ‘Oh, his fault. Shoulda did better.’ I’m sure. I’m so sure. Ridiculous.

“I can’t believe some of the stuff I be hearing coming out of that place. You’d think that some things would change. You’d think with the changing of people’s names, that some of the things that happen would change! Obviously they don’t.”

“Freakin’ ridiculous, then dudes feel so privileged to say what they want to say? You’re so privileged at three wins that you can say what you want to say. Attack people. Try to bully ‘em. Feel good about it. ‘We don’t care what other people think.’ Well, you should. You should. You certainly should.

“And don’t be no freakin’ coward. You got a problem? You call it out! Sit there and send your little weak-ass messages through other people. You call it out! People know my number. My number hasn’t changed. Email still the same, my Twitter handle, my Facebook, my cell phone, whatever it is you want to locate me with, you call me! You reach out!”

Listen to the segments in the order in which they occurred below.


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