by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Caps’ forward Brooks Laich, along with laying out the blueprint for strong, dynamic leadership, talked about the interaction players have with the referees in the NHL – which he insists frequently get hostile – while on with the Junkies Wednesday morning.

The discussion was first brought to the table by the Junks, who informed Laich of the accusation Trent Williams directed at NFL official Roy Ellison — who’s alleged to have called Williams a ‘garbage (expletive deleted) disrespectful mother (expletive deleted)’ in the Redskins’ 24-16 loss to the Eagles.

“Is there a back-and-forth on the ice between hockey players with referees, and come they come back and curse at you if you’re cursing at them?” JP asked.

“Oh 100 percent,” Laich said. “It happens, probably happens every single night. Have any of you ever refereed?”

“I’ve refereed a kids’ basketball game and I made no calls,” JP said.

“Only when we were forced to do so, Brooks,” Cakes said.

“No, I have refereed kids’ games before and gotten just ridiculed,” EB said. “It is torture.”

“I mean refereeing is kind of a glory-less position,” Brooks said. “If you do your job perfect to the t, nobody recognizes you because they’re just focused on the game. They only recognize you when they think you made a bad call, or they think you, you know, blew a call or made up a call or something like that, but if you do it excellent nobody recognizes you, so you get no glory.

“But if you ever ref, if somebody comes down on you, starts yelling at you, you’re initial instinct is to stick it back to that person,” Laich said. “So on the ice, I mean I remember last game specifically with ten seconds left, one of the linesmen yelling at their team. And there was curse words and swear words and stuff, and their player was swearing at the linesmen, I mean it happens every game, every single game it happens.”

“But does the linesman curse back,” JP asked.

“Yep,” Laich said.

“Are they allowed to in hockey, because we had an NFL official, actually he was a supervisor official, who basically said that officials have to be above it and be professional, and never fire back cursing,” JP said.

“Oh I don’t know, come on,” Laich said. “No, we’re all grown men out on the ice. Is somebody gonna be hurt by a few words?”

“Trent Williams was,” Lurch said.

“I mean it’s um, especially like linesmen are involved in a lot because of face-offs, so sometimes somebody thinks a guy is cheating on a face-off and then the linesman will say ‘Put your stick down’ and you get into it a little bit with the linesman,” Laich said.

“I try to avoid that stuff,” he went on. “I’ve been in the league now ten years or whatever, and I’ve gotten to know the guys pretty good, and I think if you’re more friendly with ‘em, say ‘Hey Bart, how you doin’? Hey, Stevie, how you doin’ tonight?’ blah, blah, blah, try and get a report with the linesman, then you get a little more leeway, you get a few breaks, but some of the new guys come in and they start yelling ‘How come he’s cheating? Kick him out!’ and they’re like ‘Put your stick down!’ and it blows up into a little bit of a brouhaha, but it’s just, nobody’s feelings are gonna be hurt. I mean we’re competing, they’re trying to govern the game, it’s intense out on the ice, it’s just emotions.”


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