JP, EB Continue Slugfest In Junkies NFL Picks

by Chuck Carroll

Note to Junkies listeners: When picking games do not resort to the coin-flipping method employed by Cakes.

Already with a firm hold on last place for the season, Cakes again will finish with the worst record of the week in the Junkies pick ’em contest.

The loveable broadcaster finished a mediocre 7-7, two games behind the week’s leaders JP and EB.

Lurch is sandwiched in the middle with an 8-6 record heading into the Monday Night Football clash between the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots.

After losing ground in each of the past two weeks, EB has the opportunity to make up a little ground on season leader JP if the Patriots can eke out a win.

Week 11 Scoreboard

Season: 105-54
Hits: Colts, Steelers, Bears, Bengals, Cardinals, Broncos, Seahawks, Saints, Giants
Misses: Falcons, Redskins, Chargers, Texans

Week: 9-5
Season: 100-59
Hits: Colts, Buccaneers, Eagles, Bears, Bengals, Cardinals, Broncos, Seahawks, Saints
Misses: Jets, Lions, Chargers, Texans, Packers

Week: 8-6
Season: 92-67
Hits: Colts, Eagles, Bears, Bengals, Cardinals, Broncos, Seahawks, Saints
Misses: Jets, Falcons, Lions, Chargers, Texans, Packers

Week: 7-7
Season: 80-79
Hits: Bills, Eagles, Raiders, Cardinals, Seahawks, Saints, Giants
Misses: Titans, Falcons, Lions, Chargers, Ravens, Browns, Chiefs

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