WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – In a recently uploaded interview on YouTube, Dr. Ben Carson stated that the Congressional Black Caucus is acting in a racist fashion if it won’t allow non-blacks to join the organization.

“If members of the Congressional Black Caucus would object if there were, let’s say, a Congressional Irish Caucus that wouldn’t let them in, then I think that would be hypocrisy and it would in fact be racist,” Carson said in the interview.

When asked by the interviewer as to how he defines racism and what is it, the retired pediatric neurosurgeon said its about people not making the correct decisions.

“I would define it as people making decisions about others based on superficial characteristics and unfairly doing so,” Carson answered. “And in our society today, I think a lot of racism is paternalism. I mean, you believe that certain people can’t do things and that you must do them for them.”

The former professor also said that he is against affirmative action and is advocating for something that he calls “compassionate action.”

“What that means is you look at the whole composite,” Carson explained. “…I would be much more inclined to look at a person’s total circumstances.”

Carson delivered an extremely critical speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in front of President Barack Obama back in February.  Since then, Carson has become a figure in conservative circles and a prominent critic of Obamacare stating that it’s the worst thing to happen to America since slavery.


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