by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson III, an admitted Redskins fan, wants to appear on the Junkies every Monday to recap each football game, per his own request, and gave a little taste of what that might sound like during his call-in to the Junks, on 106.7 The Fan Tuesday morning.

“So I got a quick question for you guys,” JTIII said unprompted. “So normally I think Monday mornings Tony Perkins comes on and talks about the Redskins.”

“Yes sir,” EB said.

“So since Tony’s now gone to the evenings with channel five, is he still coming on in the mornings with you guys?” Thompson III asked.

“He’s welcomed to, but we haven’t, we’ve been doing our hits with Steve Chenevey,” EB said.

“I think he’s sleeping at that time,” Lurch said.

“I know, I mean I’m lobbying for me to come on instead of Tony, and we can talk Skins,” JTIII said.

Here’s the rest of the convo:

EB: Oh, you want to do that?

JTIII: We can talk Skins Monday mornings.

JP1: You know what, we should do ‘JTIII on RGIII.’

EB: Yea, we could do that. You wanna do that? You wanna call in on Monday after the game?

JTIII: I got to give the disclaimer that I’m a groupie.

EB: Alright, so am I! Although, I’ve given up on ‘em, Coach.

JTIII: No, no.

EB: No,  no, Coach, honestly, we suck this year, we just have to accept it.

JTIII: No. Hey, hey, with the division we’re in, we still got a chance. We’re still, there’s still enough season left where lightning can strike.

EB: We’re giving up 31 a game, Coach!

JTIII: Okay, I guess I can’t argue that.

Thompson III requesting a weekly call-in segment is both surprising and surprising, not at all.

Surprising, because he’s a college basketball coach, and his Hoyas just began their 30-game regular season schedule.

It’s unsurprising, because he’s never hidden his passion for his hometown football team in past interviews, and also, the Junkies have had a profound ability to win over local college basketball coaches over the years.

Former Terps b-ball coach, Gary Williams would call into the show on request, and on short-notice. Former GMU coach Jim Larranaga, now with Miami, would do the same, and at one point, even arranged to review movies for the Junkies, combining his two past times: watching movies and listening to the Junkies.

Then there’s Mike Lonergan, whose first interview as the head coach of the George Washington men’s basketball team was with the Junks.

When it comes to local college basketball teams and their head coaches, the Junks have the market cornered, and I hate to say it, but the reason being … it’s yet another classic case … they just get cised.


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