WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – There’s only one thing better than watching the Washington Redskins play football, and that’s listening to highlights from the radio broadcast.

Perhaps the best thing about your hometown football team choking away a victory in the 4th quarter against a previously 1-7 team, is all the highlights from that broadcast you’ll have the pleasure of re-hearing the following miserable, wretched, God-forsaken day, as you lurch along through your pointless, traffic-plagued life, just trying to muster enough strength to force down that last bite of fast food you told yourself you’d stop eating.

For instance …

“Last week against San Diego, Robert threw for 291 yards, and Robert also ran for 17 yards. Robert threw 1 interception. Robert threw no touchdowns. As a side, have you noticed how we all call him ‘Robert’? It’s a condescending way to make it seem like we’re more familiar with him than you are.”

That was Larry Michaels, the longtime play-by-play announcer for the team, with the call.

“Tune into the propaganda TV show and watch me try and tap-dance this thing into a moral victory. For me, me, me, me and me, I’m Larry Michaels saying ‘Choke on that one, Redskins fans.’”

From the people who brought you the “Larry Michaels Highlight Show” … here’s the “Larry Michaels Highlight Show: The Vikings Edition.”


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