by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The sky is justifiably falling in Washington, D.C., after the Redskins failed to escape Minnesota with a victory, dropping to 3-6 on the season and out of the field of view of the playoffs.

Danny Rouhier, who typically errs on the side of pessimism when it comes to the Redskins, rudely reminded everyone why, in this minute-long depression-fueled tirade on why it sucks to be a Redskins fan.

“Remember this moment Redskins fans. Remember Minnesota,” Rouhier said on 106.7 The Fan Friday.

“That’ll be my refrain to you all the next time you accuse me or anyone else at this station, or anybody in your lives for that matter, of simply being negative for the sake of being negative,” he ranted. “‘Oh y’all are haters.’ Am I a hater, sir? Am I? Idiot!”

“This is what the Redskins do,” he bellowed. “I told you yesterday, Holden, I told everybody else, there is no should when you are a bad football team. Mind you, when other fans in other cities are looking at their schedule, they go ‘Hey, we got the Redskins. That’s a winnable game.’ Because it is! This is a God-awful franchise. I’m sick of it.

“Another year removed from a parade. I can’t have back-to-back winning seasons? You know who gets to do that? Every other fanbase at some point. I’m exhausted. Remember this feeling. Remember Minnesota. Remember this moment right here, right now, when you thought it would be different. We’re all idiots for thinking it’s gonna be different. It’s the definition of insanity.”

This may very well be the end of days.

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Listen below.


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