by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – For many Washingtonians, the Redskins losing to the Vikings Thursday night means the end of their team’s playoff chances, and at worst, was the prelude to a terrible weekend.

But for Jehhova in Ft. Washington – an HVAC worker who called into 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny Show on Friday – the miserable loss actually led to him being sent home from his job early, and subsequently suspended for ten days.

You see, Jehhova is a diehard fan who passionately roots for his hometown team. And there’s this guy at his job who’s a Cowboys fan from D.C., who loves to gloat after every Redskins’ loss … and Jehhova just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Not only does this team suck, man, this team ruining my life,” Jehhova said. “Dallas fan went up to me, started riling me up talking a bunch of shenanigans, then me and him get in an argument, we both get sent home, now I’m suspended from work. I hate the Redskins man.”

“Hold on one second. You got suspended from work?” Holden asked.

“Yes man. So I come in this morning, Dallas fan comes up to me, rubs it all in, so we have our words then we raises our voices. We get in an argument. We both get sent home. I’m on suspension for ten days because of these idiots man.

Then without missing a beat, Jehovah jumped back into the purpose for his call.

“Hey listen, what do you guys think about them firing the whole coaching staff man, bringing Lovie Smith in, let him build around RGIII, man?”

“Hold on a second,” Holden doubled back. “The most important thing of all this is you got suspended. I mean, were there punches thrown?”

“No punches thrown,” Jehhova said. “Unfortunately, I work federal government, man, and when it comes to workplace environment…”

“Can’t do that stuff, yea,” Danny said.

“You understand what I’m sayin? So they send us both home, told us to cool down, take ten days off. Man, I hate the Redskins, dude, man.”

Jehhova confirmed in a followup call that he did indeed get suspended from work, without pay, and that the incident occurred early in the morning, so he still had to finish out the entirety of his work day.

And while Jehhova’s plight involves him losing money, his ultimate sacrifice was for the betterment of society, in silencing one more Cowboys fan who’s likely never been to Dallas.

Listen to the call below.


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