WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – The man who was in charge of creating Healthcare.gov says he’s resigning.

Tony Trenkle is the chief information officer at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

He sent an email to co-workers that he will be leaving on November 15th “to take a position in the private sector.”

When contacted by the New York Times, Trenkle refused to discuss his plans.  “I can’t speak with you,” he said.

The resignation is part of a management restructuring, CMS told CNET.com, not a direct result of the glitch-plagued website.

Trenkle’s resignation isn’t directly a result of the bungled Web site, but rather a management restructuring within the department, according to information sent to CNET by CMS.

CMS’ current director of the Office of Enterprise Management, Dave Nelson, will step in as as the acting chief information officer.

The move comes amid mounting criticism of the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act enrollment program.

Healthcare.gov, the cornerstone of the government effort to provide low-cost health insurance to all Americans, has been troubled by glitches and crashes since it went online October 1st.

As late as Wenesday, CMS was reporting problems with Healthcare.gov, including slow performance and error messages for people trying to log in to the site.

Trenkle’s is the first major departure since the problems became widely reported.


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