by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Capitals players were initially slow to react publicly to Ray Emery attacking Braden Holtby in Washington’s 7-0 victory over the Flyers last Friday, but restraint no longer seems to be an issue.

Joel Ward said he wished the referee, Francois St.Laurent, had done a little more to protect Holtby, who was noted as being an unwilling participant in the goalie fight.

And Brooks Laich, well, he’s got a little bit of a weird stance on the whole thing.

“I’ve always had a weird stance on this because I got a suspension in the minors, or a fine in the minors,” Laich told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday.

“A goalie came out and would play the puck and would hit me, and I told the ref ‘Well if he hits me again, I’m gonna run him over,’” Laich explained. “So he came out and hit me, and I just plowed him over and I got a fine in the American Hockey League. And I’m like ‘If he can hit me, what’s the difference between me hitting him if he’s outside the crease?’ But I understand that they are not as mobile and you have to protect them, it’s a fine line between a goalie engaging players and just staying in net and playing goal.”

“I’ve played with Ray Emery before and I know his history, so when I saw him coming down the ice I wasn’t completely surprised,” he said. “He’s an aggressive guy, especially for a goaltender. I mean, the most aggressive goaltender I’ve know other than him would be Olaf Kölzig. Olie was very aggressive. Like Ray Emery, you’ve seen some fights of him before he fought Andrew Peters, and he actually had a smile on his face when doing it.”

Laich and Emery did in fact play together. They spent one season on the same Binghampton Senators roster in the AHL in 2003.

“So I’m not surprised of that,” he said. “In a 7-0 game, do you really need to do it? There’s a lot of discussion around the league about that now, and if they’re going to implement rules about that.”


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