by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach
Map of Poland. (Credit:

Map of Poland. (Credit:

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – We’ve already learned about Canada, so why not take a lesson on Poland, from new Wizards’ center Marcin Gortat, who talked about Polish women and where to find them in his home country, in an interview with the Junkies Friday.

“If you had to advise us of like a place or two to go to a Poland, what would it be, and what’s it all about?” Gortat was asked by JP.

“Well, which place would you like…” Gortat began, before being interrupted.

“It’s all about sausages, Cakes!” EB yelled.

“No, we definitely, let me tell you something, we definitely have a very good food,” Gortat said. “And I’m one-hundred percent sure we have beautiful women.”

“Is that right? I don’t think of hotties when I think of Polish chicks,” EB said with a great deal of ignorance.

“You’ve never been, EB, how would you know?” Cakes said.

“You guys definitely can go to Poland to look for a girlfriend or for a wife,” Gortat said. “You’re definitely gonna find yourself a nice wife.”

“Well Cakes is looking for a girlfriend, so maybe he should go to Polska,” Lurch said.

“And then two cities you gotta visit are Kraków, which is right underneath my city,” Gortat said. “My city’s right in the middle of Poland, the name is Widzew (pronounced Woodge), and then Krakow on the bottom of Poland, and then Triple City (Tricity, or Trójmiasto in Polish) right on the coast. There are about three small cities kind of connected to each other . And there’s probably one of the best cities in Poland. So I think you guys will be surprised if you go to our country. It’s actually getting better and better with each year.”

“I would be surprised if I went to your country!” Cakes bullied.

And then an actual newsworthy item, Gortat told the Junkies he’s still unsure sure if he’ll start or come off the bench in the Wizards’ home-opener against the 76ers.

“Yesterday in practice, I actually moved to the first lineup, just because Nene was sitting out,” Gortat said. “He had a little issue with his leg, but we’ll see. If he’s going to play today, I don’t know, that is a coaching decision, but we’ll see.”


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