WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – A new poll has found that nearly one in six married women has not let their spouse see them naked in over a year.

The study conducted by online pharmacist UKMedix.com asked 1,902 UK women a series of questions concerning body confidence.  The women who are married were asked when was the last time they let their husbands see them naked.

Nearly half of the women said they hadn’t let their husbands see them naked because they were insecure about their bodies, while the other women placed the blame on a decline in their sex drive.

“Body confidence is a huge element of women’s sex lives, and it seems a lack thereof is causing problems,” Sarah Balley, researcher with UKMedix.com told the Daily Mail.

Forty percent of the women said that their relationship had suffered.  Another 36 percent said arguments have erupted with their husbands because of covering up.

‘Women must remember that even though they may not love their bodies, chances are their partner does – and no relationship is worth sacrificing for a lack of confidence in the looks department,” Balley explained to the Daily Mail.



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