by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Maryland attorney general Doug Gansler called the ability to “give voice to the voiceless” reason enough to continue his campaign for governor in the face of intense media scrutiny this week.

Gansler, who’s been a proponent of curbing underage drinking, came under a wave of scrutiny earlier in the week when a photo surfaced of him attending a ‘senior week’ party, in which minors could be seen drinking what appeared to be alcohol.

“I think you have a bad day here, you have a good day there, but you know, this was a rough week, the character assassination and all that kind of stuff,” Gansler said Saturday, in an interview with Michael Williams on 106.7 The Fan on Saturday.

Gansler was on to discuss his public opposition to a proposed “academic village” of housing on University of Maryland’s golf course, when he was asked what it is about holding public office that makes that scrutiny worth it.

“To your question, that’s why you do this,” Gansler said. “That’s why you get into government. That’s why you run for governor, to be able to give people who have bad days every day, to give voice to the voiceless. One of the things we spend the most time on right now, and actually affects near the golf course, which is the foreclosure prices that we went through here in Maryland.”

“We’ve been able to get $1.5 billion into the housing market here in Maryland, just in Maryland, for people who are either on the brink of foreclosure, were foreclosed upon, or under water so they could stay in their homes,” he said. “Those people, if you’ve got people coming after to take your home away, where you live with your children, you’ve got a bad day every day. And to be in a position to be able to help those folks, you know I think is absolutely critical.”

“So did I have a rough week? Yea. I’m a big boy. I can handle that,” Gansler said. “But there’s a lot of people that have rough times, are going through some things, and I spent twenty-two years in public service trying to protect families, protect children, protect seniors, and that’s what I’m looking forward to do at the next level.”


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