by Chris Lingebach

Update 10-26 3:00 PM: Podcast page up-and-running properly. Link at bottom of page.

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Don Geronimo’s much-anticipated return to the D.C. airwaves was simultaneously everything missing from sports talk radio, and everything sports talk radio listeners fear — unabashed truth, and at times, nothing that relates back to sports.

‘Old school’ is about as cliché a term as there is in sports, but when it comes to talk radio, that’s exactly what Don Geronimo, one of America’s first great shock jocks, is. On Thursday night, from the very first minute of his return to 106.7 FM, after more than five and half years away, he reminded everyone what it meant for him to be coming home.

People unfamiliar with Geronimo’s work – which includes more than 20 years on the nationally syndicated Don & Mike Show – were perhaps caught off guard with the cold open of the show.

Let me walk you through what you heard as the commercial break dropped directly off a cliff into silence at 7 p.m; a sound which undoubtedly came as a shock to ears trained to hear more traditional sports talk openings.

What you heard was forty-plus years of experience in radio imposing its will on your ears; a lone voice standing atop complete silence, projecting itself above the structure and rigid formatting of modern radio, ensuring your absolute attention.

What you heard was the return of a D.C. legend.

Here’s the link to the podcast page. Bookmark it. Follow him on Twitter.

Listen to the opening segment (and a few choice selections) below.


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