by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – From one world-class athlete to another, Hall of Fame corner Darrell Green wants RGIII to utilize his speed more for scrambling rather than running the ball downfield.

“There is a difference. Scrambling is one thing. Running is another,” Green told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan on Thursday.

“Fran Tarkenton scrambled,” Green said. “Roger Staubach scrambled. Joe Montana scrambled. Steve Young was a tweener, scrambled and ran. These guys today, they’re runners, they’re not scramblers. Scrambling means I’m scrambling to scratch out some more time to get this ball off. But these guys are runners.”

In further explaining the difference, Green raised the point that quarterbacks typically don’t wear the same bulky padding as most downfield runners, or say, running backs for instance, leaving them more exposed to damage-inflicting tackles.

“His shoulders pads, and his legs, he don’t even have on the same stuff,” he said. “But now he becomes a runner, so guess what, you’re looking for trouble.”

“But yes, he’s dynamic, he opens up everything else, but I just think that there’s a way for this guy, with his skills and ability, to become more of a scrambler and less of a runner, and let the big horse and Helu run that ball like they can and get that ball down the field, get that ball out of your hand,” Green said.

Green went on to explain the onus is on Mike Shanahan to manage Griffin better, providing an anecdote from his career to further his emphasis.

“You remember Joe Gibbs saying ‘Darrell could be the greatest punt returner in history, but he’s our No.1 cover-corner guy’?” Green said. “So that’s exactly my point, that he managed my punt returns. Had I ran punts every game, dude you would not be talking to the pro football Hall of Famer at corner. You know I wasn’t Brian Mitchell with a big old stone head, you know, running through brick walls with all those muscles and stuff.”

As for what they’re facing in the Broncos Sunday, Green says the Redskins are going up against the old bear that got his foot caught in the trap, with Manning coming off a loss to his former team.

“So now his foot is hurt and he’s mad as heck,” Green said. “Peyton Manning, can you believe you lost back home when all the crap went down, you know, Indianapolis, all of that. Dude, this bear is gonna bite your head off, cause he is mad as crap.”

“The Redskins have to be excellent,” he added.

Green called Brandon Meriweather’s one-game suspension unfortunate, because it will force the Redskins to run zone coverage against Manning, especially with an already-weak secondary.

“With Peyton Manning, when you have five receivers out, then it’s always unfortunately going to have to be zone. It just has to be zone,” Green said. “Everybody is vulnerable in that, and guess what, if you try to match up, everybody is vulnerable in man-on-man because people, you’ve always got mismatches.”

“Everybody has to be very precise, and when they do take a shot and pull the trigger and say ‘we’re gonna dog him or blitz him,’ then everybody’s gotta have a burr up their behind, and say ‘alright, here we go, we need this one play, we gotta make this one play,'” he said. “And that’s really the chess match, but at the end of the day, it really is in many ways, it’s the D-coordinator against Peyton Manning.”


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