by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – All signs seem to indicate Redskins tight end Fred Davis – at some point or another this season – will be on his way out of town.

Despite the rumor mill being revved since Washington’s 45-41 victory over Chicago, as speculation began to circulate that the team was shopping Davis around the league for a potential trade, Davis himself remained adamant he has not requested a trade from the organization.

“And even though Davis is saying he didn’t ask for it, look, the signs are obvious,” Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio told the Junkies on Wednesday. “The guy’s been deactivated, what? Two games in a row?”

While two weeks in a row is slightly inaccurate – he was inactive in Week 3 against the Lions and Week 7 against the Bears – the fact remains that Davis has been declared inactive on two separate occasions this season – not the sign of a player deemed to be a valuable member of the roster, especially one who’s uninjured.

So what’s next for Davis? Everyone following the storyline wants to know how it will play out.

“He’s out of the plans,” said Florio, who first reported the Redskins were actively seeking a trade partner, per a league source. “I don’t think anybody’s gonna trade for him because he’s gonna get cut after the trade deadline, I believe, and then he’ll be available on waivers. And the only way someone would trade for him is if they would want him, but they think they’re too low in the waiver priority to get him. “

“And then the question is, what would you give up for a guy who has not been the same player that he was before he tore his Achilles last year?” Florio said.

And also, are there any teams that find themselves in dire need of a tight end?

“Yea there are,” Florio said. “But it’s not real easy to plug a receiver into an offense that he doesn’t know. You’d have to find a team out there, and I haven’t sat down and looked at all of them to say ‘is there a team that he would be able to go to, where there would be enough similarities in the offense, that the transition would be easier?’

“I mean, in many ways, at quarterback too, I mean the Vikings went through this with Josh Freeman, you’re trying to change a tire on a moving car. It is not easy to throw a guy in the middle of a season and say ‘okay, go have at it.’ It’s not like baseball where your job description is very limited. You’re thrown into a team that has been rolling without you – or not rolling as the case may be for some teams – but you have to very quickly assimilate, and that’s not easy to do.”

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the course of the last three-plus years, Mike Shanahan is a master of the art of deception, so who really knows?


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