Gibbs: ‘Unbelievable’ That White House Unaware Of Website Problems

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says that it’s “unbelievable” that The White House did not know of technical problems with the health care websites prior to launch.

“I think the reason it defies belief is it’s unbelievable,” Gibbs said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “There’s no doubt in my mind that people at HHS and involved in this project knew this wasn’t going to work. It’s inconceivable that no one tested it.”

Gibbs, who served as President Barack Obama’s press secretary and previously as his senatorial communications director, said that he believes that “the president and a bunch of people were told it’s just fine.”

Following the president’s Rose Garden address about the health care site’s faulty launch, Gibbs stated that “it’s clear from this interview and from that answer that there’s even a modicum of sufficient testing” prior to launch.

Last week, Gibbs described the Obamacare rollout as “excruciatingly embarrassing” for the Obama administration.

Gibbs ridiculed the websites’ glitches, and called on the president to fire the tech figures responsible for creating the sites. “This is not a server problem, like too many people came to the website — this is a website architecture problem,” he told MSNBC.

In the same discussion, Gibbs said that had Republicans not been “obsessed” with the shutdown, they likely would have been able to pinpoint more faults with the health care exchange launch.


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