by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – At 37-years-young, Peyton Manning is having one of the more brilliant seasons of his career. With 25 touchdown passes through seven games, he’s already more than halfway to repeating his career best of 49 touchdowns thrown in 2004, all the while completing 71.6 percent of his total passes.

Redskins receiver Pierre Garçon, who spent his first four seasons receiving passes from Manning, still has fond memories of their time together in Indy as his current team prepares to head to Denver for Sunday’s game.

“I remember the first pass he threw at me, I remember the first touchdown, I remember a Super Bowl touchdown and I remember the last pass he threw me,” Garçon said, in an interview with 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny on Tuesday.

At this point the interview veered into a rapid-fire Q&A session about Manning.

Holden: What was the first one?

Garçon: In practice, it was a pass in practice, it was a fade route in practice.

Holden: Did you catch it?

Garçon: Oh yea. Oh yea.

Holden: What was the worst he ever yelled at you? Did you ever run a wrong route and he just laid into you?

Garçon: Oh yea, I ran the wrong route all the time.

Hysterical laughter all around.

Holden: Without using bad words, what’s the worst thing he ever said to you? Is he a nice guy, where he’s like ‘C’mon Pierre’ or is he a mean guy?

Garçon: Nah, he’s just hard. He’s like a big brother, like you know he shows he’s disappointed in you but knows that you have the potential to do better.

Before traveling to Denver, Pierre will be attending a pep rally in Fairfax on Thursday, where he’ll be presenting 8-year-old cancer survivor Tara Sankner with a $10k check to help cover the costs of her ongoing treatment. Find more info about the event on Tara’s Facebook page.


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