LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Virginia voters will elect a new governor on Nov. 5, but the Richmond Times-Dispatch has made it clear that the paper will not endorse any of the candidates in the running.

As if the headline “Our choice for governor in 2013: none of the above” wasn’t clear enough, the website also features head shots of Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Libertarian Robert Sarvis with big red Xs drawn through them.

This is the first time in memory, the piece says, that the Times-Dispatch has not endorsed a gubernatorial candidate on its pages.

Attorney General Cuccinelli, the paper claims, “rigged the process for the Republican nomination when his minions changed the system from a primary to a convention, which they considered more likely to produce their desired outcome.”

The paper also takes issue with Cuccinelli’s opinions on abortion, gay rights and Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation package.

Meanwhile, “McAuliffe received the Democratic nomination by default,” the piece says. “His bid for the 2009 nod failed miserably. A weak bench left him as the only one in 2013’s game. Republican gerrymandering contributed to this.”

Additional problems the paper has with McAuliffe lay in his proposed spending hikes and flip-flopping on important issues such as energy.

While the piece is less cruel to Sarvis, writing that he “has neither embarrassed himself nor insulted the commonwealth,” the opinion held by the author or authors is that he lacks the experience necessary to govern.

To read the full piece, published in Monday’s Opinion section, click here.


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