by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes doesn’t blame the Redskins offensive woes on Robert Griffin III – as he re-acclimates himself to the speed of the NFL while continuing to regain strength in his knee – as much as he does the quarterback’s lack of legitimate targets to throw to, like a legitimate No.1 receiver.

“It goes back to, what do you have?” Dukes said to the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan on Thursday. “Let’s just talk about, what’s he throwing to? Okay, Pierre Garçon, again, was the third wheel for the Colts.”

“Third,” he repeated for emphasis. “Okay. So you bring him in. He’s a nice piece, don’t get me wrong.”

“I would argue he’s a pretty good piece, but that’s fine,” EB said.

“Oh, I know, you could argue that,” Dukes said. “But let’s see the body of work. Show me the numbers that say he caught 95, 85. When you’re paying a No. 1, a franchise guy, the Andre Johnson’s, the caliber guys those guys are, Roddy White is catching 95-plus balls a year.”

“Right, but last year was his first year as a No. 1 and he was hurt,” EB argued.

“However you want to look at that, look at that,” Dukes said. “I’m just gonna tell you what history shows me. I haven’t seen it yet, so you can wish on that well all you want, that’s fine. History us showing us today that he’s never been a 95, 80, 90-plus kind of a guy. So we’ll see what happens. Is he talented? Sure. But there’s a difference between a Julio Jones, a Roddy White, an Andre Johnson. There are these No. 1 guys, so if you’re not that kind of a guy, to me you’re a two.”

If you listen to the interview below, you can also hear Dukes indict Kyle Shanahan as being an unpopular coaching candidate (head/assistant) around the league, in spite of his perceived reputation of being an offensive genius other teams are clamoring to interview.

Something tells me Dukes just made Garçon’s list.


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