by Chuck Carroll

Hands down, this gentleman is the most frustrated Washington Redskins fan you’ll hear all day.

Meet Kel from Suitland, a regular caller and a guy who is definitely having a “case of the Mondays.” Oh, and he’s pissed about it. Really pissed.

Kel called into the Sports Junkies Monday morning, just eight hours removed from the Redskins 31-16 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, and absolutely unleashed the fury.

His venom was spewed at the team, the officials, the coaches and “that freaking twerp” Bob Costas.

Here’s a transcription of Kel’s rant. But we strongly suggest listening to it for full effect. The clip is below the transcription.

“That was the most disgusting performance, not just by our team, but the freaking referee. He blocked him into the ball … that’s the freaking object! That’s what you do! You make them touch the ball and then you recover it!

And then Bob Costas, you short freaking twerp. Who cares what you think about our name? That wasn’t the platform! We want to talk football, not political crap!

Little league coaches, okay, know to stay their ass behind the line so that we won’t get a penalty! This specials teams guy is the freaking worst! Get him out of here! We don’t need that crap! Nobody wants to tackle! …

And Robert, listen man. I don’t want to hear another word from you and your father about a passing quarterback as opposed to a running quarterback. That’s the reason our damn offense worked last year was because you could run, okay?!

Clock management… you had time in the first half to call timeout, get your plan together. No! We are walking down the field, nobody ready to do anything!

Yo, this was the most despicable, not to mention that we were playing Dallas! This team has no sense of history, no sense of what we do here and I’m sick and tired of it! I’m sick and tired of giving excuses! Yeah, we took a cap hit, but so did Dallas!”

And it could have gone on and on and on.

Take the 2:40 to listen to his rant and consider it a solid investment on this misery Monday.


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