WASHINGTON (AP) — A half-scale model of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that usually travels the country has been brought to Washington because the government shutdown is restricting access to the actual wall.

The memorial’s creator, Jan C. Scruggs, brought the wall to Washington from Corvallis, Ore. The copy, which is metal and 250 feet long, arrived in Washington on Monday and has been set up on the Georgetown University campus. It was open to the public starting Tuesday, with free shuttles taking visitors to the campus from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the Mall is technically closed and entrances have been barricaded, but that hasn’t prevented tourists from getting around the barricades. Still, there have been reports that Park Police have periodically shooed visitors away.

“If we can’t open it, we just bring in a replica!” Scruggs said in an email. “This really is an outrage.”

At Georgetown, the model wall has been set up in front of Healy Hall and outside the Joseph Mark Lauinger Memorial Library. The library is named for a Georgetown student who died serving in Vietnam in 1970. Lauinger’s name is on one of the wall’s panels, and officials with the wall have been pointing it out to students.

The model wall is called “The Wall That Heals.”

It will remain on campus through Columbus Day weekend.

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