by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Dan Steinberg, this town’s preeminent transcriber of sports things, was on Post Sports Live Tuesday – along with Mike Wise, Lavar Arrington, and host Jonathan Forsythe – to preview Dallas week and give his bold predictions for a matchup that, with a Washington victory, could put the Redskins in a three-way tie for the lead in the NFC East.

Among other things discussed, was the current outlook of the Washington Capitals – including constructive criticisms for owner Ted Leonsis and his proclamation that the team has no flaws – and of course, the Redskins name debate.

Being aware of the hell (and pitfalls) of having to write about yourself, critically, I figured I would take a crack at the transcription game in putting Steinberg’s thoughts to paper, so he doesn’t have to. Consider it homage to the Bog.

On Redskins being 15-30 under Mike Shanahan, if you take away 7 straight victories in 2012:

“I sort of reject the premise,” Steinberg said. “I don’t think you can just take away half the season and say ‘Oh, that didn’t count.’ I think that if you do that, the Ravens didn’t win the Super Bowl. I think that the Redskins, everything they did last year was real. They were beating those teams. They were beating everyone in the NFC East. They were beating the eventual Super Bowl champion Ravens. I mean the offense was really, really rolling, and the defense was doing enough to keep them competitive. So I just don’t think it’s fair to Mike Shanahan, I don’t think it’s fair to the players on that team last year, to kind of discount half of an entire season. So I think that was very much real, and they could recapture that. So far this year they’ve been poor, but I think they could recapture that and that was as real as anything else.


There’s actually not been very many Redskins coaches who have had four seasons [unintelligible] within the history of the franchise,” Steinberg said.

“Only Joe Gibbs under Dan Snyder,” Lavar said.

“Yea, recently,” Steinberg said. “But I think in the entire eighty-year history of the franchise it’s like eleven coaches who have had at least four seasons, and Shanahan right now is like 9th in winning percentage out of those eleven.”

On how many wins Redskins need for Mike Shanahan to get new contract:

Lavar: at least .500

Wise: 7-9, if he gets along with RGIII.

Steinberg: “I would have said either 8-8 or 7-9. I’m not sure which one. I think it’s possible that he goes into next year, if they keep him and he goes into next year, they have a spending spree with all this money that they’re gonna have, and he goes in without an extension, and next year is kind of the determining factor.”

“You got a lame duck coach?” Wise said.

“I think it’s possible,” Steinberg said.

On Redskins name debate:

Steinberg, who’s often reluctant to cover the name debate on the Bog, was first to respond to the question: “over/under 5 years for the Redskins name to be changed?”

“I think we could probably talk for more than two minutes about this and I don’t know that anyone would really want to hear it. But Mike and I are on the record with each other, a friendly bet about this five-year thing. I think over slash never. I don’t think it’s happening that soon, and if I had to just go with one singular argument right now, this is what I would say: Dan Snyder has been horribly unpopular with Redskins fans for the better part of a decade here. Now he’s got 80 percent of his fans who want him to keep this name. He’s going to go against 80 percent of his fanbase, after he’s already been so unpopular, for the benefit of whom exactly? He’s just, I don’t see it happening. I don’t see it happening. Unless the Redskins tie him and his executives down and force them to make this move, I don’t see how it could happen within five years.”

“The people at this paper are not popular with my position, but you know what? You’ve got to stand for something or fall for everything,” Wise uttered a line he’s used often on the radio.

“I don’t know man,” Steinberg said. “I think Washington Post columnists so far are like 13-0 in…”

“I’m talking about editors,” Wise said.


Now how about some bold predictions for Redskins vs. Cowboys:

“I’m not yet releasing my winner for this game,” Steinberg said. “You’re gonna have to follow DCSportsBog on Twitter for mine. But I will say, I think based on the narrative over last week, I think this qualifies as bold, but maybe not. I think RGIII will turn the ball over more times than Tony Romo in this game on Sunday.”

Just for point of contrast, Wise said Romo will “perish.”

On Ted Leonsis’ motivation, for apparently telling a radio station he doesn’t see any flaws with the caps:

“You know, I don’t think the night before he woke up the morning of the home-opener and said ‘These are things that I’m gonna say on the radio,’ but I think that some fans, and this is certainly, as a media member it’s not in my best interest to say this, but I think some fans are thinking ‘maybe the owner should be doing a couple fewer radio interviews or something,’” Steinberg said. “Because he seems to give ammunition to the haters anyhow every time he gets on the radio. Just the other day on Lavar’s radio program, he said that he continues to think that the Nationals were the best team in Major League Baseball this year. I understand loyalty to the local team, but they pretty clearly demonstrated that they were not baseball’s best team this year.


“I think people, when they look at the team, they see a weakness on the blue line, they see a still a possible weakness on the second and third lines, scoring, who knows about goaltending? I don’t think that anything that happens in the first week of October is worth panicking over in a hockey season, but I think that he is confident and he likes to get on the radio.”

Watch the full episode here.


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