LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — As the number of people joining a collective who say they are offended by the Washington Redskins name grows, so too does the belief that a change is inevitable.

Owner Daniel Snyder has resisted such a notion, vowing that he will never change the name as long as the team is in his possession.

At the time Snyder made his remarks, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had not said it may be time to listen to those who were offended.

“We have to do everything that’s necessary to make sure that we’re representing the franchise in a positive way, and that rich history and tradition,” Goodell told LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes recently on 106.7 The Fan. “And that if we are offending one person, we need to be listening and making sure that we’re doing the right things to try to address that.”

At the time Snyder vowed never to make a change, President Barack Obama had not yet said he would “think about changing” the name if he were owner because it offends a “sizable group of people.”

Shortly after the president made those remarks, an attorney for the Redskins issued a statement that pointed to a 2004 poll in which 9 out of 10 Native Americans said they weren’t bothered by the name and a 2013 poll in which 8 out of 10 Americans said the name should remain.

“We at the Redskins respect everyone,” the attorney’s statement read.

But the statement did little to stop debate over the name in the Washington area and only served to add fuel to the fire on a national level.

Enter Dave McKenna — no stranger to Snyder — on Monday’s “Holden and Danny Show” on The Fan.

The journalist believes change is indeed inevitable and he has a simple solution to Snyder’s problem that would help alleviate the financial burden of making the switch.

“I think he should name the team to the highest bidder,” McKenna suggested.

The idea would be a first in the National Football League, but is certainly nothing new in professional sports.

“He can do a very ‘Dan Snyder thing’ and name the team the Washington FedExes or something like that,” he said. “And I really do believe all sports is going to go that way. He would save face and make money.”

McKenna doesn’t believe the NFL will go for such a thing at first, but Snyder may have leverage given Goodell’s remarks.

“He could say to Roger Goodell, ‘Look, if you’re going to publicly mock my name and hurt my product then you’ve got to help me out,’ ” he said.

The entire interview can be heard below.


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