by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

TYSON’S CORNER, Va. (CBSDC) – As the Junkies swapped stories with super agent David Falk on this week’s episode of Table Manners, one particular anecdote about the show’s initial venture into television offered a sterling example of how seamlessly they’ve transitioned from radio to television in 2013.

Before we jump into this, give the guys a ton of credit for holding court with a guy who negotiated all of Michael Jordan’s contracts, and although Falk’s net worth isn’t publicly available, he donated $15 million to Syracuse in 2011, so it’s probably safe to assess his fortune at a little more than a trillion dollars.

Back to the seamless transition.

Around five minutes into their interview, JP attempts to strike a common bond with Falk by offering up a story about when the Junkies hired their first agent.

“Can we tell you about our first agent?” JP said. “Jason, why don’t you tell him about our first agent? We started doing a cable access TV show in Bowie … 1995.”

“What was that called?” Falk bit.

“It was called the Sports Junkies,” JP answered. “We decide, ‘You know what? We don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t know what our value is. Let’s get an agent.’ Who did we get, Jason?”

“Who’s the only lawyer we know?” Lurch said. “My uncle, who, he was a criminal defense attorney.”

“Didn’t really work out,” EB laughed.

You’re probably wondering about that whole, where the transitioning from radio to television with ease thing came into play.

Go back and read that conversation again, and pay particular attention to the first three lines.

You’ll notice, JP not only initiates the dialogue by requesting approval to tell a story, he also never gives Falk the chance to respond, then steamrolls through his invitation to Jason to tell it.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is just one fine example of how, although they’re broadcasting on a different medium, they’re still just the same old Junks.

Seriously, see for yourself. The moment in question kicks in at roughly 5:32.

Notice the audio never skips a beat as the camera shot rotates throughout their (JP’s) conversation.

JP just gives ’em no shot to talk.

Note to Reader: (In all sincerity – and maybe I’m just a psychopath – I find myself riveted every episode, irrespective of the guest.)

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Table Manners airs Tuesdays at 6:30 pm. on Comcast SportsNet. Follow Table Manners on Twitter.


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