WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – A petition recently launched is calling for Congress to revoke the National Football League’s tax exempt status forcing the league to pay billions from revenue in taxes.

The petition on Change.org was launched by Lynda Woolard of New Orleans where she argues that “the NFL should pay their fair share towards our economy”.

In 2012, the organization racked in $9 billion and Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, earned nearly $30 million.

Woolard complains that fans are often times asked to pay for new stadiums through their own taxes, while the NFL pays for none.

She also notes that it isn’t fair the NFL has a nonprofit status while the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball don’t since they gave it up in recent years.

“The NFL has methodically worked to shift all the power to their side, leaving players, employees and PARTICULARLY THE FANS little say in what goes on with the league,” Woolard wrote on the petition.

So far, the petition has more than 210,000 signatures.


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