by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – With Davey Johnson retiring and officially stepping away from the game of baseball – he’s probably floating on a raft in Bora Bora as we speak – the Nationals organization is now in search of its next manager.

Drew Storen, who’s been on the Nats big league roster for four years now, gave a ringing endorsement for bench coach Randy Knorr, in an interview with 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner on Tuesday.

“The managerial search,” Holden Kushner prompted. “Tell me about Randy Knorr, why he’d be good.”

“He’s incredible,” Storen said. “I played for him in the minor leagues and you know, I pick his ear quite a bit throughout the season, obviously with a catcher’s background. He’s somebody that really understands the game and one thing about him, he’s an old school guy but he’s about respecting the game and playing the game the right way. He’s not somebody that’s really gonna, I don’t know, blow you any smoke or do any of that. He’s just gonna tell you how it is, and this is what it is, and whether you like it or not, sorry, it is what it is. And I really like that about him and I really respect the way he goes about his business and I think too, the way he, everyday he comes into the ballpark he’s excited to be there. And you know, there’s a lot of games and it’s easy to kind of get caught up in the grind a little bit, but he’s one guy that it never seems to affect, and just really loves coming to the ballpark and putting his work in, and I think that’s something that, it could be easy for us to feed off of.”

“Would you say that’s an endorsement for Randy Knorr?” Kushner asked. “You’d love for him to be your manager?”

“I would not mind that whatsoever,” Storen said.

“What qualities do you want this next manager to have?” Danny Rouhier asked.

“I don’t know,” Storen said. “I think that’s something that, I’m not too sure about what other guys want, but there’s probably overall qualities that you want in a manager period. You don’t really want somebody that’s gonna, I guess, try to do too much, and really come in, and I think we have a great thing going. Whoever it is, if they come in and try to change a lot of things, I think that could be tough, because like I said, we went through a lot of adversity this year and I feel like we learned a lot more about ourselves and we ended the season in a really good spot. Obviously not where we wanted to be, but we’ve been playing our best baseball at the end of the year, and so things were clicking and if something changes drastically, I think there could be an acclimation period there that could be a little tough for us.”


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