by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach
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Longtime Junkies producer Bret Oliverio, who left the show a little over a year ago to take over his brother’s restaurant, called into the Junkies Wednesday to announce the opening of a second Sup Dogs location in Chapel Hill.

Expanding the Sup empire is nice and all, but what’s really important is who the hell stole the arm from the hot dog statue in Sup Dogs-Greenville?


“Hey Bret, tell the fellas how Rick you were when somebody vandalized your hot dog statue,” Cakes asked Bret during his call-in to the show on Wednesday.

“What’s his hot dog statue?” EB inquired.

“Listen to the story, Rick!” Cakes joned.

“When you come in there, there’s like this, it’s like a mascot,” JP explained (nobody asked him to). “It’s like a hot dog.”

“It’s like a three-foot tall hot dog that’s holding like a ketchup bottle in one hand, and a mustard bottle in the other,” Cakes said. “Bret’s gonna continue…”

“Yea, I mean, this statue cost like three-hundred bucks,” Bret said. “And some drunk just walked up to it and for no reason just tore the arm off of it. And just ruined it! And now people like Cakes’ kids go up and take pictures with it and it’s missing an arm.”

“Can’t you super-glue it?” EB asked, completely clueless. “Can’t you put it back on? What can you do?”

“I don’t know where it is!” Bret lamented.


“The arm’s missing!” – Cakes

“It’s Jim Abbott!” – EB

“It’s the guy from The Fugitive! He’s right in front of Sup Dogs!” – Cakes

“You got the Def Leppard drummer!” – Lurch

In case you’re wondering by the way, ECU students take their beloved Sup Dogs really seriously.

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Listen to the segment below. Read more about the new location in this super serious news article here. Follow @BretRadio on Twitter. For pictures of drunk college girls, follow @SupDogsECU.

Also spark some Bret memories (breast mammaries) by listening to the Dave Matthews Band below.


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