by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Redskins team doctor and renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, adamantly declined to respond to any questions pertaining to RGIII or the health and recovery process of his knee, in an uncomfortable interview which ended abruptly on 106.7 The Fan on Thursday.

Griffin, who tore his ACL and LCL in a playoff loss to the Seahawks on Jan. 6, recovered at an electric pace, returning to the field in time for the Redskins week one loss to the Eagles; a mere eight months and three days after injuring his right knee.

Dr. Andrews, who oversaw Griffin’s surgery, made it very clear from the onset of his interview with Holden and Danny, that he was on to promote his book – Any Given Monday, in stores now – and not to answer questions about the details surrounding Griffin’s return, like, what were the concerns before the Eagles game, or how long do we have to wait before he returns to the old RGIII?

They tried. Oh, they tried to get him to speak on Griffin … offering repeated failed attempts, which were returned with cringe-worthy deflections by Dr. Andrews.

But it was the one final attempt that would truly make this interview a timeless, painful classic, and led Holden and Danny to cave to the will of the unconquerable Dr. Andrews.

“Everybody wants to know, when’s [RGIII] gonna be back to the guy he was,” Danny Rouhier said. “And this is his second major procedure he’s had.”

“Yea,” Andrews answered. “I can’t answer that question. Y’all keep hitting me on that but I’m not going to get into that subject.

“No, I understand,” Rouhier said.

“So don’t push that anymore,” Andrews continued to shut him down.

“No, yes sir … I’m not trying to push any … ” Rouhier said.

“Stop putting me on the spot. I’m not able to talk about that,” Andrews said. “I’m not even able to talk about that from a general standpoint.”

“Hey Dr. Andrews, thank you so much for the time,” Rouhier said.

“Alright, y’all take care. I hope that helps one of these parents, and tell the grandparents to look out after everybody,” Andrews said.


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