WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Republicans in the House stated Wednesday they will not pass two crucial bills unless all of the funding for the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, is dropped.

The two bills they are threatening to not pass is one to fund the government and the other is to increase the amount the U.S. can legally borrow.

According to CBS News, House Speaker John Boehner endorsed a measure that would fund the government and cut off funds for the president’s health care law.

The government will run out of money in 12 days unless Congress acts.

Roughly 40 Tea Party Republicans forced Boehner into this risky strategy and he said Wednesday it wasn’t his first choice.

“We listened to our colleagues over the course of the last week,” said Boehner. “And we have a plan that they are happy with we are going forward.”

Rep. Steve Scalise, of Louisiana, strongly opposes Obamacare and wants something more concrete in its place.

“This is a devastating law that’s having a devastating impact on all of our health care across the country,” he claimed.

Most Senate Republicans oppose Obamacare, but don’t agree that government funding should be put at risk because of it.


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