by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As AMC’s “Breaking Bad” winds down – with only two episodes remaining – the internet is running rampant with speculation about which characters will be killed off before the show’s conclusion.

So why not put an end to the guessing game and go straight to the source?

In an interview with Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan, actor Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman, was asked about the level of input he’s been afforded as to the creative direction of his character.

“I definitely do kind of pop my head into the room every now and then, like whenever I can. Because they’re in Burbank, we shoot in New Mexico, and so usually before we start shooting I’ll pop my head in just to kind of see where they’re at. But I always keep my mouth shut, because what they’ve been doing has been pretty perfect and I’ve loved everything they’ve come up with. So they’re the writers. I’m just the actor and I’m happy with my position, and they’re doing a brilliant job.”

However, when elaborating to Dukes on the extent of his creative input, Paul perhaps let on a bit too much, by quite possibly offering a prelude to the longevity of his character with an anecdote about a letter he sent to the show’s writers.

“I did send them one letter before we started shooting the final season,” Paul told Dukes. “I sent them this long love letter just thanking them from the bottom of my heart, and also said, ‘Listen. If Jesse has to die, can I suggest a way that he goes?'”

“Like, I don’t want him to get you know, randomly shot by some … you know, I just … I had my own kind of vision,” Paul said. “I just put in my two cents.”

“And did they listen to it? I don’t know,” Paul reeled it in. “You just have to wait and see, but um, it’s about to get pretty wild is all I can say.”

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