FORT WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — They didn’t get a permit, but that’s not stopping them.

Thousands of motorcyclists from as far away as California gathered at the Harley-Davidson dealership in Fort Washington, Md., Wednesday morning and prepared to set out on a memorial ride to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

WNEW’s Karen Adams reports that organizers of the 2 Million Bikers to DC event did not manage to obtain a no-stop permit for the ride, but they say they will proudly rumble around the nation’s capital, anyway. First around the Capital Beltway, then in D.C. near the monuments.

PHOTOS: Thousands of Bikers Ride to Remember 9/11

A rejection letter written by a National Park Service official to one of the event organizers said that many area roads would have had to be closed in order to grant a no-stop permit, resulting “in severe disruption of traffic.”

But organizer Belinda Bee maintains that the U.S. Constitution is permit enough for the demonstration.

“This is our permit,” she said Wednesday morning, referring to a replica of the Constitution that she held up in front of a crowd of bikers. “Thank you! Thank you to our founding fathers!”

“Let’s do the right thing: defend our Constitution,” co-organizer Eric Zern enthusiastically told riders before the bikers left their Maryland starting point. “Nobody else will!”

Zern also encouraged participants not take their anger out on an event that was allowed a permit, a Muslim march on Pennsylvania Avenue.

“So let’s leave those people alone. Let them have their little rally, we want to get America’s eyes off of them and onto those people that perished twelve years ago, onto our troops that have died and are currently engaged in the war on terror,” he said.

(Video courtesy of YouTube user eseronz)

WNEW’s Karen Adams contributed to this report. Follow her and WNEW on Twitter.


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