by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – When you spend a lot of time around professional broadcasters – people who speak for a living –  there’s really nothing funnier than when someone misspeaks, or just making fun of the way someone speak in general.

No matter if it’s a dialect thing, which is damn near impossible to control, or just someone tripping over words as they’re exiting their mouth, there is nothing funnier than an audible misfire.

The benefit for radio listeners here, depending on how active they listen, is they tend to have the same ear for these little slips of the tongue, or uncontrollable foibles.

Here’s the confusion that arose on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday, between Fred Smoot and Holden Kushner, which resulted in the former having to repeat himself to the latter repeatedly, which only made things more confusing.

The definition of a homophone is ‘two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings.’ That’s definitely going on here.

The words in question in this scenario are “black eye” vs. “black guy.”

So what’s the best way to handle this?

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How about you listen to the short audio clip at the bottom of the page, then fill-in the blank in the transcription of the convo below, Mad Lib style, with which phrasing you think Fred said. We’ll monitor the poll results to try to bring some resolution to this fracas, before it gives us a ______________.

Smoot: He asked to play in the preseason. Shanahan didn’t play him in the preseason because he didn’t want another ____________ like the ____________ he got from playing him in the playoffs.

Holden: A black eye?

S: A _____________. You know? Look bad. Beat up. You know what a ______________ is.

H: Oh, I thought you said ‘black guy.’

S: I said __________! Come on Holden, I said __________!

Given the context of the discussion, I think we all can agree this is one catastrophic misunderstanding.

No judgment here though, ___s. You’re voting on sound, not context.


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