by Chuck Carroll

ASHBURN, Va. (CBSDC) — Robert Griffin III or Michael Vick?

Who is the better quarterback? You could say their mobile style of play is nearly identical. Then again, you’re not an NFL player.

“Everybody wants to compare them, everybody wants to say they’re similar. To me, they’re very different type quarterbacks,” Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker told me on our radio show “4th & Pain.”

Carriker examined both quarterbacks by comparing their play ability in three categories — arm strength, mobility, and accuracy. (watch his breakdown)

Arm strength: Draw

“They both have cannons. If they had a ‘Who Can Throw Farther’ contest, I’m sure one guy would win. I don’t know who to pick.”

Mobility: Draw

Michael Vick has better agility, acceleration, and ability to cut. However, Robert matches that with world-class sprinter speed, making him almost impossible to catch in a breakaway.

Accuracy: RGIII

“I’ve got to go with Robert. He only threw four interceptions last year… took care of the football and his completion percentage and quarterback rating was very high. Not that Vick can’t do that, and he’s not good, but Robert’s my guy.”

Carriker’s vote: RGIII

To me, the debate is much simpler.

Their mobility is both their biggest asset and biggest threat. NFL officials have put teams on notice that a quarterback will be treated as any other player once out of the pocket.

Both Vick and Griffin need no reminders about the risks incurred by keeping the ball.

Yes, the Redskins quarterback’s season crumbled as he lay on the cold turf of FedEx Field last January in need of the second reconstructive knee surgery of his life days later. However, Griffin’s improbably fast recovery in the eight months following prove that youth is a factor and time is on his side.

A 23-year-old body can heal faster than one with an extra decade of wear and tear.

My vote: RGIII


4th & Pain with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll airs each weekday at 1 p.m. on and Sunday morning at 8 o’clock on 106.7 The Fan. Follow the show on Twitter: @4thAndPain.


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