LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) – There’s an imposter wandering the halls of 106.7 The Fan in Lanham, Md.

While the male suspect’s real name is unknown, reports indicate the man goes by the alias Thom (Th-omm),  and has worked his way into the social mainframe of the building, posing as an underpaid assistant producer on the popular sports talk radio program “Lavar & Dukes.”

“Thank God you’re here,'” 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes recalled the first time he spoke with who he thought was Thom. “‘That guy who was here yesterday was such a F*CKING A**HOLE, I’d like to bury an axe in his head.'”

Little did Dukes know, he had fallen for the same deception others have reported, and was actually speaking to Thom, not Thom.

Thom is described as a broad, fleshy white male in his mid- to late-twenties, standing approx. 5’ 11″ and weighing in at a portly 225-pounds.

He was last seen in the 4200 block of Parliament Place in Lanham, wearing a 1980’s standard-issue leather jacket, a generic black shirt, tired blue jeans and a black hat.

However, police describe this as an elaborate disguise, explaining his true identity consists of the exact same outfit, sans hat, to which his victims (everyone he works with) are often none the wiser.

Police warn not to approach the suspect. He’s armed with withering hair follicles capable of ruining your entire afternoon, and if you happen to be an executive producer, he’ll likely eviscerate you at a Nationals game.

If seen, please call the police immediately at 1-800-636-1067.

Police warn @Thom is very deceptive.

Police warn @Thom is very deceptive. (Credit: WatchLavarandDukes.com)


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