by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – While it’s nearly impossible to identify each individual element that contributes to the magic the Junkies are able to create each morning – trust me, I’ve tried outlining it and end up vomiting from disorientation every time – it’s safe to say the show wouldn’t be what it is without listener participation.

Listeners/callers/texters, and more recently tweeters, are the real lifeblood of the show.

The Junks have always been cognizant of this, and not only welcome the interaction, but also work it into the live product . Whether it’s by reading tweets and texts, or giving the gas face to stupid callers, the dimension that interaction adds to the show is absolutely essential to its survival.

For this reason, I’d like to use this internet platform to spotlight some key contributors from time to time.

Today, I’d like to commend the diligent work of a man known only by his Twitter name: @TweetMaravich.

First off, great wacky bit of a name. Secondly, Tweet’s the type of person who listens with such psychotic regularity that he’s able to craft Photoshops like this one, which require vast running knowledge of major botches in show history.

Also, he’s hysterical. I implore you to check out his account for no other reason than to scroll through his photos and laugh at some of his more recent work.

His turnaround time is impeccable. He shoehorns deep, multi-layered zings into his Twit bits.

Highly worth a follow, and his contributions are but one example of an active listener who’s a vital piece of the equation resulting in the long-term success of the show.

Plus, I swear the guy never takes a day off.

Just look at the photo above one more time.

Tweet tagged @GOPWhip. Who is the GOPWhip, you might ask?

Kevin McCarthy, of course.


If you know someone you think is worthy of the spotlight, hit me up on Twitter. We’re all about promoting those we couldn’t live without.


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