LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — The D.C. Department of Health wants to make sure you’re thinking that tattoo or piercing through.

Regulations proposed Friday by the department director would make District body art and piercing shops require a 24-hour waiting period between a customer’s request of a tattoo or piercing and the actual application of a tattoo or piercing.

Other proposed regulations in the 66-page document include mandated “health risk” warning signs placed in body shop reception areas, strict rules against tattooing or piercing someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol and an age requirement of 18 years old for any body art procedure other than one done with “a single-use stud and clasp ear piercing gun.”

The document also says the the purpose of the regulations “is to protect the public’s health by keeping the District’s body art industry safe and sanitary.”


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