by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As much time as four hours sounds like, there isn’t a lot of open space to interject a thought on a radio show by the time you have every last sponsor accounted for, after working in every last live-read.

There’s even less space to fill when you have four show hosts battling for air time, as the Junkies do.

In fact, one of the reasons the Junkies are so revered in the business is their ability to seamlessly make four voices work together, something many have tried and failed to replicate.

Sometimes though, even the Junks can’t help but stumble over each other.

Thursday’s blip came at the onset of the Entertainment Page, just as JP attempted to introduce the segment sponsor, which in this case happened to be Ruby Tuesday (a great place to find some fun between the buns, by the way).

As JP was taking a long gasp for air, determined to squeeze the remainder of the mention into one last breath, he left open just wide enough of a space for EB to think it was his turn to talk.

To be perfectly fair, it’s difficult not to become regimented when you’ve done anything as long as the Junkies have done the Junkies.

I say that to say on behalf of Eric, he probably had his face in a computer screen preparing to read the opening story in the EP, as he’s done a thousand times before, when he heard a break in the action similar enough in length to sound like the end of the live-read that typically accompanies it.

Only thing is, it wasn’t the end of the live-read.

The phrase you’re listening for is “Ya know,” at least I think.

Now listen to this again and again until it’s funny, and then not funny, and then funny again, as Rome would say.


Note to reader: Every time I try to do one of these, it’s never as funny as I think it is, so fair warning.

[H/T Brendan Darr]


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